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Amid the brutality of the civil war, three questionable soldiers serving among the confederacy’s ranks have their eyes opened to long buried secrets and even older primordial powers along side the things that hunt the darkness in these very nights. Their revelations will change them and force them to question all the hold close as they travel across the west for answers and hope for a light in the darkness.

Really Wierd West has been a long time coming, deadlands being my most successful of my past Adventures I have ran. Weird Weird West is my own original take on the genre drawing on classical and modern westerns, comic books and horror/fantasy, particularly Steven King, Neil Gaiman and of course, some HP Lovecraft.

It is my hope that WWW will be my first long term campaign, the first adventure being ran two weeks ago and the plan is now to run it fortnightly in between another GM’s D&D4e game. I have already started building the Mythos and the first adventure was laden in hints and subtle weirdness.

I need to get around to putting up the first 4 adventure logs, they were a mixed success, not aided by my laptop slowly dying since we started this so theres probably a few continuity errors and some of it is just slapdash thrown together, I have however put up a Score for the campaign, I hope it gives you an idea for the feel I’m going for though in execution it leans heavily towards the splatterpunk side of things but the players seem to like that just fine.

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